Anti-Choking Airway Assist Device for Child/Adults

Anti-Choking Airway Assist Device for Child/Adults

2 Pack Object Removal Devices for Adults/Child to Remove Obstructed Objects, Effective & Portable Device for Adults, Strong Suction & Easy to Use

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Product Information

Airway Assist Device is a device for clearing airway obstructions. It is safe and secure as a backup device in the case of infarction and choking rescue, when the use of Heimlich resuscitation is ineffective, or when there is no one else around to help.

The device is simple to use, available for public use, and you can use it by yourself. This product is not suitable for people weighing less than 22 pounds.(or 10kg). Anyone rescued by the Airway Assist Device after a choking incident should be physically evaluated by a medical professional again. This devicee should only be used to remove objects/food from patients suffering from airway obstruction.


  • Airway assist device – Our portable device can effectively remove an object or food. In an airway obstruction emergency, it can give you peace of mind. This device is essential for us.
  • Strong & Safe – Suitable for adults, safe and effective. It has an integrated deflation valve to prevent airflow from entering the mouth, and enough pumping suction.
  • Simple to use– Our Devices don’t need to install, simple to use. In case of an emergency, you can use it by yourself.
  • Convenient & Useful – Lightweight materials. It is available to the public and easy to carry around. Not only can be used at home, but also suitable for school, travel and outdoor. This device is available in different sizes(M & L) to meet your needs.


Package Dimensions‎26.4 x 20.9 x 9.9 cm
Item Weight380 Grams;
MaterialSoft Silicone and Plastic
SizeFor kids/ For adults

Important Tips

  1. This choking rescue device should only be used to remove objects/food from patients suffering from airway obstruction. It is forbidden to use it for other purposes. Please keep it out of reach of children when it’s not in use, but tell them how to use it.
  2. This product is not suitable for people who have suffered head, neck, face or back trauma. It should not be used by patients who have already installed endotracheal tubes. Do not use if the patient is allergic to plastic or silicone.
  3. Do not interconnect the device with other equipment or accessories that are not specified in this manual. The device is a standalone device.


Can people use this on themselves, if no one’s around?

YES. People can use it on themselves.

Does this fit a 2 year old kid?

It should not be used on anyone under 22 lbs.

Does it work if you have a beard?

YES, it can form a seal with facial hair.

When you push the plunger in does it force air into the patient?

NO. The architecture of the device is such that no air is forced into the patient. A cross slit valve disallows any air from entering the mouth. Air only enters the cylinder through the tube that goes into the mouth and can only go out through the cross slit valve.

Product Instruction

  • Step1: Place the mask to the face(you can refer to the exercise introduction described in several ways), and fit the face to ensure no gaps. Hold the mask firmly with one hand and the handle with the other hand, then compress downward quickly;
  • Step2: After downward compression, keep the mask firmly on the face with one hand, hold the handle with the other hand, and quickly pull up the handle;
  • Step3: Turn the person to the side and remove any debris from the mouth. Also check the device for debris. Repeat steps as needed. This can be repeated several times to clear airway.


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