CPAP Full Face Mask Set for Resmed AirFit F20,Including Headgear Frame Mask Clips for Airfit F20

CPAP Full Face Mask Set for Resmed AirFit F20,Including Headgear Frame Mask Clips for Airfit F20

Replacement Kit for ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face Mask, Includes Cushion (S/M/L), headgear, Frame & Clips & Elbow Assembly in One Pack Reliable Seal & Softer Fit Replacement CPAP Supplies

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Product Information

The replacement mask set for AirFit F20 is composed of advanced liquid silicone materials from Japan, and PC material from Bayer of Germany.
This mask Airfit F20 does not contain natural latex. Store the product in a dry place out of direct sunlight.
The mask for AirFit F20 is softer and more comfortable than the original one, reducing the pressure on the face. Adopt liquid silicone, fitting face better without air leakage.
This product doed not contain any hazardous substances and may be disposed of with your normal household refuse.


  • Snug-Fit Content for F20: Uniquely compatible with AirFit F20. Package includes most new replacement parts you need for replacing the torn parts, 1PCS full face cushion, 1PCS headgear strap, 1PCS frame, 1 pair of clips and 1 pair of strap covers.
  • Improved Cushion & Frame: Both full face cushion and frame are improved in design for better wearing comfort and using experience. Extra soft to offer zero-pressure on face and nose and easy to clean for fresh using experience.
  • Extra Soft Strap with Quick: Disconnect Clips: Precisely designed to improve softness and flexibility for extra wearing comfort. With one pair of quick-disconnect clips to simplify the on or off process of your F20, sleep better and easy.
  • Reliable Fit All Facial Profiles: Precisely designed to ensure its fitness on all facial profiles and to help users adjust easily for reliable seal and stay in place during sleeping. In case you have questions, contact us for full satisfaction solution.


Package Dimensions8.62 x 8.31 x 3.35 inches;
Item Weight‎4.97ounces;
CompatibilityAirFit F20.
Size templatefrom your nose bridge to chin indentation: S(2.91-3.39in); M(3.39-3.9in); L(3.9-4.7in);
Package Include1*Frame, 1*Full Face Mask, 1*Headgear Strap, 1 pair of Strap Covers, 1* Elbow, 1 pair of Magnetic Clips for ResMed AirFit F20
Replacement frequency3-6 months;

Important Tips

  1. Do not attempt to remove the headgear arm and magnetic base. The product contains small magnets, please be careful not to let children swallow.
  2. This product doed not contain natural latex.
  3. It is forbidden to use ozone disinfection equipment to disinfect this product.
  4. Please select the mask size that best suits you. Please note that size across different mask models is not always the same. Measure from the nose bridge to the chin indentation (just below your bottom lip), and then select a suitable mask size according to the size template.
  5. This mask is not suitable for patients with impaired laryngeal reflexes or predisposed to aspiration in the event of regurgitation or vomiting;


Mask is uncomfortable?

Headgear straps are too tight. – Adjust straps evenly. Ensure that the headgear straps are not too tight.
Mask could be the wrong size. – Talk to your clinician to have your face size checked against mask fitting template. Note that sizing across different masks is not always the same.

Mask is too noisy?

There’s grease on the mask, which makes it less sealed. – Please clean the mask after each use to remove the facial grease on it;
Install mask improperly. – Check whether mask has been installed correctly.

The Mask leaks around the face?

Mask is incorrectly positioned or adjusted. – Refit your mask according to the instruction.
Mask could be the wrong size. – Talk to your clinician to have your face size checked against mask fitting template. Note that sizing across different masks is not always the same.
Headgear is too loose. – Readjust headgear or change to a smaller size of headgear.

Product Instruction

Step1: Fasten the strap cover on the headgear.
Step2: Align the circular opening of the mask with the opening of the frame and push firmly until a click is heard to secure the mask and frame together.
Step3: Pass the upper headgear through the frame slot and fold it to fix it;
Step4: The lower headgear is fixed with the magnetic buckles as shown in the figure;
Step5: Hold the mask against your face and pull the heagear over your head;
Step6: Fix the lower headgear on the magnetic base of the frame through the magnetic buckle.
Step7: Adjust the fastening pieces of the upper and lower headgears until the mask fits the face stably and comfortably, and fold and fix the headgears. Make sure the mask is not wrinkled and the headgear is not twisted.
Step8. To connect the elbow to the breathing tube, press the button of the elbow and push it into the frame.

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