CPAP Mask System for ResMed Airfit N20, Including Nasal Mask, Frame, Headgear, Elbow/Swivel for Airfit N20

CPAP Mask System for ResMed Airfit N20, Including Nasal Mask, Frame, Headgear, Elbow/Swivel for Airfit N20

AirFit N20 Replacement Full Complete Set, Includes AirFit N20 Frame, Nasal Pillows(S/M/L), Adjustment Headgear Strap with Quick-Release Clips and cpap short tubing, Elbow

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Product Information

This improved CPAP Mask System for AirFit N20 by referring to the structure of Resmed Mirage F*, but this does not affect its function.
The main body of the original frame is the side straps that fit against both cheeks. The improved frame adds a forehead support, which forms a triangle with 2 side straps to better reduce the pressure when wearing the cpap nasal mask for airfit N20;
The material of the short tube is improved to reduce the ealsticity of the short tube, which makes it harder, stronger, and not easy to get pierced.
Please select the appropriate CPAP mask size for Airfit N20 according to the size chart in the package. An unsuitable nasal mask will cause problems such as air leakage and red marks on face.


  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE – This set is the modified version of the original, softer and fits better for more comfortable. No discomfort or pain in the rear when sleeping or traveling.
  • IMPROVED VERSION The structure of our replacement frame is modified. The compact design makes it lighter so as to exert less pressure.
  • EASY CLEANING – The elbow and frame are separable. Pinch the side button of the elbow, you could quickly release them, allowing for easy cleaning. It also retains two rotational parts for better adjustments.
  • KEEP IN PLACE – This kit comes with one pair of quick-disconnect clips. It keeps it in place better and no need to spend a lot of time during the night adjusting them to avoid leaking.


Package Dimensions‎‎7.87*7.76*2.32 inches;
Item Weight5 ounces;
CompatibilityResMed AirFit N20.
Size templatethe width of nose-wing: S(0.9-1.46in); M(1.18-1.77in); L(1.77-2.17in);
Package Include1* Frame, 1*Nasal pillow, 1*F30 Headstrap, 1 Pair of Magnetic clips, 1* Short Tube, 1*Elbow
Outer diameter of short tube connector22mm;
Replacement frequency3 months;

Important Tips

  1. The size of this nasal mask and the original nasal mask are not necessarily the same. Please choose the nasal mask that suits you according to the provided size template.
  2. Please replace the short tube regularly according to the replacement suggestion to avoid the bacteria breeding.
  3. It is forbidden to use ozone disinfection equipment to disinfect this product.
  4. The nasal mask should not be used unless the device is turned on. In some cases, rebreathing exhaled air may lead to suffocation.
  5. This nasal mask is not suitable for patients with impaired laryngeal reflexes or predisposed to aspiration in the event or regurgitation or vomiting.


It makes noise when wearing?

Vent is blocked or partially blocked. – Use a soft bristle brush to clean the vent.
Vent is wet. – Ensure the vent is dry before use to prevent condensation.
Install elbow or mask improperly – Check whether mask has been installed correctly.

The mask is leaked or is uncomfortable?

Wear mask improperly – Please make sure there is no fold on the mask when wearing it.
Choosed wrong size of mask. – Please select the appropriate size according to the size template. Note that size across different masks is not always the same.
Headgear is too loose or too tight. – Adjust the headgear strap or replace the headgear size.

It leaks between hose and elbow?

Incorrect diameter of breathing tube. – The short tube is compatible with 22mm breathing tube.
Breathing hose is aging. – The aging of the breathing hose will lead to a loss of elasticity at the connection. Please replace the breathing hose according to the time recommended by the supplier.

Product Instruction

Step1: Lead the top headgear strap through the headgear buckle and secure it.
Step2: Lead the upper headgear straps through the holes on the frame’s forehead support and secure.
Step3: Secure the headgear clips onto the lower headgear straps.
Step4: Align the side protrusions of the frame opening with the side grooves of the nasal mask opening, and push hard from the front side to secure them together.
Step5: Hold the nasal mask against your face, and pull the headgear over the top of your head.
Step6: Fix the magnetic clips of lower headgear straps onto the magnetic bases of the frame.
Step7: Adjust top headgear straps by fastening tab until headgear snugly fits your head.
Step8: Adjust the upper headgear straps evenly until forehead pad touches your forehead slightly.
Step9: Adjust the lower headgear straps evenly until mask gently fits your face.
Step10: Connect the short tube with a 22mm hose, and push the elbow directly into the frame. A clicking sound indicates that the installation is complete. A well-installed elbow should rotate smoothly.

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