Frame Tubing Assembly Kit for Respironics Wisp, Replacement Kit Supplies for Philips Wisp with Headgear & Elbow

Frame Tubing Assembly Kit for Respironics Wisp, Replacement Kit Supplies for Philips Wisp with Headgear & Elbow

Replacement CPAP Tubing Frame Kit for Philips Respironics Wisp, Includes Frame, Headgear, Short Tube, Elbow, Snug Fit & Great-Value, Durable Replacement Set, No Nasal Pillow

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Product Information

The material of the CPAP replacement supplies for Philips respironics wisp short tube is improved, the elasticity of the short tube is reduced, and it is stronger and more durable and not easy to puncture.
The improved elbow still has vent holes to remove exhaust gas, and the short tube can be rotated in two places, and the tube quick release is retained.

We have improved the product without affecting its original function.


  • Essential and durable short tubing – CPAP replacement supplies include wisp replacement short tube. Durable and cost-effective replacement for torn tubing;
  • Snug-fit to headgear strap – Made of ultra-soft and elastic material which improves wearing comfort and snugly fits to keep in place for whole night;
  • Premium and durable frame – Fabric Wisp frame is made of high-quality fabric which makes frame more durable and makes it more gentle to skin;
  • 360° rotatable elbow and swivel – Precisely designed elbow and swivel to 360° rotatable, no worry of twists in tubing and achieves quick removal.
  • Avoid leakage: The replacement tube assembly are kept perfectly sealed during use, so you could get air easily. Effectively reduce the noise of the old item you need to replace, and there will be no more annoying hissing air sounds to reduce your sleep quality.


Package Dimensions16.38 x 11.69 x 1.46 inches;
Item Weight3.21 Ounces;
CompatibilityPhilips Respironics Wisp Nasal Mask;
Package IncludeSet A: 1*Short Tube,1*Swivel Connetor, 1* Elbow(No Clips)
Set B: 1*Short Tube; 1*Headstrap; 1*Fabric frame;1*Swivel Connetor
, 1* Elbow (No Nasal Pillow)
Service life3-6 months;
Outer diameter of short tube22mm;

Important Tips

  1. Wash the product before first time use.
  2. If any visible deterioration of CPAP replacement supplies are apparent(cracked, stretched or punctured), the product should be discarded and replaced.
  3. Do not expose the frame to direct sunlight or high temperature drying, which may accelerate the aging of the product.
  4. The vent holes must be kept clear.
  5. Short tube should be rinsed well with warm drinking quality water. (approximately 86’F/30C)


Does this work with Phillips pico mask?

No, it does not work with it. The short tubing is work with Philips Wisp nasal pillow;

There’s two different pictures. One with clips and one without clips. Does it have the clips on the side?

We have three set for you to choose: Set A- single improved short tube.(including elbow); SetB- Short tube+Fabric frame+Headgear(Including elbow, but Excluding nasal mask);

Product Instruction

  • Step1: Press the frame, snap the frame behind the triangle piece of the nasal mask, and confirm that it is installed in place;
  • Step2: Pass the upper headgear tab through the slot in the frame, fold them over to secure;
  • Step3: Pass one of the lower headgear tab through the slot in the frame. Fold them over to secure. Or pass through the clip to fix it to the frame;
  • Step4: Pull the headgear over the head and place the cushion over the nose;
  • Step5: Pass another lower tab through the slot in the frame. Fold them over to secure. (If you are using a clip, fix the clip to the frame)
  • Step6: Undo the tabs on the headgear straps. Pull the straps evenly until the mask is stable and sits comfortably on the face. Reattach the tabs.
  • Step7: Pushing the elbow into the frame. Make sure to make a clicking sound and be able to rotate smoothly;
  • Step8: Connet the short tube to the breathing tube.

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