Respiratory Muscle Training(RMT) Device

Respiratory Muscle Training(RMT) Device

Respiratory Muscle Training(RMT) Device, Handhold Exercise Device, Natural Trainer

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Product Information

This product is a Respiratory Muscle Training(RMT) device designed to improve respiratory muscle through specific expiratory exercises. Continuous practice with the device can improve endurance and sports performance of healthy individuals and can also achieve greater breathing improvement for unhealthy individuals.

RMT may consist of inspiratory Muscle Traning (IMT) or Expiratory Muscle Traning (EMT) or a combination of the two.
Our air physics lung device is an EMT device that effectively strengthens the respiratory muscles by breathing against resistance. Just like going to the gym and lifting weights, resistance is used to increase the workload of the working muscles.
The resistance device of this respirator has different sized airflow holes (apertures), the smaller the aperture is, the greater the resistance and the more difficult the exercise becomes.


  • Enhance training: Muscle training effectively strengthens the muscles through exhalation against resistance. Help you improve your ability and improve the quality of life.
  • Adjustable for most people: trainer offers 6 adjustable settings to suit your desired resistance level, Suitable for people in good physical condition and need to strengthen the intensity of training for advanced training.
  • Easy to use&portable: Air physics lung device is simple in design and requires no refills & no batteries, easy to use and clean. It is small in size and can be carried around. We provide two mouthpieces to make your use more comfortable.


Package Dimensions6.89 x 3.58 x 2.09 inches;
Item Weight3.92 Ounces;
Product PartsRubber pad; Adjustable gear; Flat mouthpiece; Round mouthpiece; Silicone stopper.
*There are six gears for adjusting, the smaller the hole corresponding to the gear is. the greater the resistance with more difficult.

Important Tips

  1. Don’t try to exhale too fast, as this may make your lung muscles overwork and make you feel tight in your chest, so please relax and don’t push yourself too hard;
  2. Make sure the device is suitable for your condition before you buy it. The results of using our device may vary from person to person and we do not recommend that people stop using the medication unless under the strict advice of a medical professional.
  3. The device is not an inhaler. The device does not require or use liquids. You may need to practice to get right ways and best results.
  4. Keep out of the reach of children and do not allow unsupervised children to use the device. The device is designed to be fell apart for multiple cleaning. Because of this, some of the small parts like the stainless steel ball, perforated cover and circular cone pose a choking hazard for children.


How many times a day do you use this device?
The product does not specify the number and duration of use, depending on personal habits and needs.
How do you clean it exactly?
Warm soapy water with a Tbsp of vinegar in it. rinse well.

Product Instruction

  • Step1: Remove the hygienic lid;
  • Step2: For you first use, adjust the exhalation gear of the device to the weakest gear;
  • Step3: Take a deep breath through your nose;
  • Step4: Perfome exhalation training through the resistance of the gear of the device. The exhalation intensity should reach 50%-70% of the maximum exhalation intensity.
  • Step5: When training, you can gradually adjust the gear of greater resistance. Take a deep breath through the nose, and then exhale through the mouth and the breathing trainer. The intensity of the exhalation is maintained at 50%-70% of the maximum exhalation intensity.


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