Dcome Anti-Choking Airway Assist Device for Children and Family(U.S. Patents of Utility and Design)

Dcome Anti-Choking Airway Assist Device for Children and Family(U.S. Patents of Utility and Design)

Dcome Anti-Choking Device is for Removing Blocked Objects, Equipped Four Different Size Masks. U.S Patents of Utility and Design different from others.

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Product Information

Anti choking device is a non-powered single-patient portable suction apparatus. This life-saving device creates a seal over the patient’s mouth and nose, and creates a negative pressure when the handle is pulled that will clear the airway obstruction in a few seconds.

Operation Pricilple:

Device is a suction-based airway clearance device. A mask is used to create a seal and then a strong negative pressure in the oropharynx is generated by a plunger-type system to dislodge the foreign body and thus reopen the obstructed airway.


  • Airway assist device – Effectively remove liquids and foreign objects that cause breathing difficulties. In an airway obstruction emergency, it can give you peace of mind.
  • Safe & Strong – Our Child and Adult Device is sturdy, safe and strong. This device is produced and supplied by DCome. Apply to weight over 22 Lbs or older than 12 months.
  • Easy to Carry & Simple to Use – Child and Adults Devices with Straight Mouth are made of lightweight materials, easy to carry and simple to use. They are suitable for home, school, travel and outdoor.
  • Equipped Different Size Masks – DCome Child and Adult Devices are equipped with four different size masks, you don’t need to worry about the wrong size. Our removal device can meet your different needs, save your money.


Package Dimensions‎10.35 x 8.78 x 4.72 inches;
Item Weight15.2 Ounces;
MaterialSoft Silicone and Plastic
Suitable forAdults, Child, Baby;
Product partsMask; Enclosure; Piston(plunger cap, O-ring, nut, washer, screw), Pull handle, Device labeling, Device Guide;
Design(Shape)Straight Cylinder

Important Tips

  1. The anti choking device should not be used without contacting 911 or emergency assistance.
  2. Caution: It is forbidden to use this equipment for purposed other than those specified in the manual;
  3. Please ensure piston locates at the buttom.
  4. Make sure that you check the mask to ensure it is securely attached to the unit. The stem of the mask does not need to be completely inserted into the unit.
  5. Do not fall down or hit the device.
  6. It’s hard to pull handle when you first use device, before using you should pull handle several times.


At what age/weight can the device be used?

Anti choking device is equipped to be used on person starting at 22 pounds utilizing the pediatric maks. Applicable age is 12 months or older.

Can it be used with patient standing up?

The device can work on a person Laying down, sitting up or standing up;

Can device be used on yourself in an emergency?

Yes. This device is very easy to use. You can use the device on yourself in a choking emergency, but be careful to pull up the handle quickly.

Is the device sterile?

No. The device is not sterile. Please store the equipment in a dry, safe and accessible place after receiving it and sterilizing it.

Product Instruction

  • Step1: Lay the individual on their back, tilt up the head, lift the chin, hold chin upwards.
  • Step2: Respiratory face mask covering the mouth and nose, mask must be held firmly over nose and mouth with hand. Please ensure piston located in the bottom.
  • Step3: Apply thumb at the bottom of the chin, index finger on oneside of respirator, and middle finger on the other side of the respirator.
  • Step4: Apply light pressure on the respirator while pulling the plunger upward with a short time.
  • Step5: Take mask away from face, push handle to exhaust air and check if there is debris in the device. Repeat steps 3-6 if necessary.
  • Step6: Roll person on side and sweep the mouth to clear all debris to avoid pulmonary aspiration. Also check until fordebris. You should see a doctor after suffocation to avoid complications.


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