2 Packs Chin Straps for Anti Snoring

2 Packs Chin Straps for Anti Snoring

2 Packs Chin Straps for Users and Mouth Breathers - Anti Snoring Chin Strap for Men and Women,Chin Straps to Reduce Air Loss, Instant Mouth

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Product Information

Chin Straps is intended to restrict mouth breathing during Positive Airway Pressure(PAP) treatment and reduce air loss through mouth breathing. It can be used in combination with wide range of masks and headgear.
For better hygiene, the chin strap is only for single patient re-use.


  • Skin-friendly Chinstraps: Made of high-quality soft and breathable material which makes chin straps more skin-friendly to maxmize wearing comfort.
  • Reduce air loss: Works well to restrict mouth breathing during treatment and reduce air loss through mouth breathing.
  • Keep mouth close: Adjust the length of strap to keep your chin up and mouth closed. Effective to reduce mouth-snoring and prevent waking up with dry mouth;
  • Adjustable & Snoring-relief: Equipped with adjustable strap and strong touch-fasten-ers, allowing a snug fit for all head shapes and sizes. Easy to put on and comfortable to sleep in.


Package Dimensions‎7.83 x 5.83 x 1.1inches;
Item Weight1.45 ounces;
CompatibilityMost CPAP mask;
Package Includes2 packs of chin straps;

Important Tips

  1. Don’t position Chin Strap completely beneath the chin or across upper throat.
  2. Don’t overtighten Chin Strap;
  3. Don’t use Chin Strap if you have flu or cold;
  4. Please replace and discard Chin Strap if it is worn, torn or excessively stretched;
  5. We also offer Sleep Strips which also can restrict mouth breathing and also can be used in combination with PAP systems to reduce air loss through mouth breathing.


Does this contain neoprene?

Very comfortable but nothing written or tagged to let you know for sure.

Does this chin strap have an odor?

It has no particular odor.

Product Instruction

  • Step1: Please fit Chin Strap over chin and the edge with stitched “V” mark should be closest to buttom lip. Then take straps up past cheeks and tie the velcro at the top of head.
  • Step2: Pass the adjustment strap around the top of head, and attach the Velcro at one end of the strap to the other end of the strap.
  • Step3: Adjust the gap in the middle of the long strap, so that the chin strap fits the head better and is more stable. The gap of the headgear may be offset from the center of your head top a little bit if your head circumference is relatively large. In this case, you can use scissors to cut a bit for a slight adjustment.


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