Sleep Strips – Heart Pattern

Sleep Strips – Heart Pattern

64/128PCS Sleep Strips for Mouth Breathers for Better Nose Breathing&Less Mouth Breathing, Mouth Strips for Instant Mouth-Snoring Relief

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Product Information

Our Sleep Strips are made of medical-grade high-quality material. Our sleep strips are relatively softer, and are free to move month and are transparent and ideal for using during travel.
Sleep Strips is a simple, effective and easy method to ensure breathe with nose while sleeping. Sleep Strips are made of specially-engineered adhesive that allows you to easily apply and remove without causing irritation. Our sleep strips are designed with central vent to reduce clastrophobia during use.
In addition, we designed four types of sleep strip based on customers’ demands and tests.


  • Train nose breathing habit – With mouth strips, you can effectively train nose breathing habit and avoid waking up with dry mouth, sore throat or nasal congestion.
  • Comfortable and easy to apply– Made with advanced adhesive, Non-irritating to sensitive skin and Easy to apply and remove without leaving any adhesive residue.
  • Medical-grade adhesive – Made of high-quality adhesive, gentle but effectively ensure breath with nose during sleep. Promote better nighttime sleeping and instant snoring relief.
  • Central vent design– Designed with central vent to reduce claustrophobia worry and cough/sneeze worry during use. Safest way to ensure nose breathing while sleep.


Package Dimensions3.31 x 2.6 x 0.71 inches
Item Weight3.21 Ounces
Packing64pcs/128pcs packing for you
Styles/PatternsHeart Pattern, Beard Pattern, long-strip Pattern

Important Tips

  1. For users who use sleep strip for the firts time, you may not be used to wear them at the beginning. It takes a while to overcome this discomfort, so as to gradually improve your sleeping habits and ensure good sleep.
  2. Do not remove sleep strip multiple times, otherwiseits stickiness will be weakened. Therefore, it is recommended to drink a little water before use to keep your mouth moist. Please avoid drinking water after getting it on.
  3. If you have the following conditions, please do not use our sleep strip: nasal breathing difficulties; obesity(body mass index over 35); severe chapped lips; drinking alcohol or taking tranquilizers; cold,sinus or ear infections; severe heart or breathing problems; blood pressure is extremely low.
  4. Our sleep strip is not an independent solution for sleep apnea treatment. However, they can be used in combination with CPAP or oral appliances for better results.


Does this have any odor or smell? I have tried several medical tapes, but cannot use them because of the smell.

-Not a strong smell. Just a slight adhesive type of smell.

Why doesn’t stick?

– Please ensure you have press sleep strips hard to stick tightly.
For gentlemen, please shave before applying, because sleep strip might not stick firmly with beard.
For people who use skincare product, it is not suggested to apply lip balm or heavy skincare product.

Adhesives is too strong!

– If the adhesive is too strong for you, please Do not press too hard while applying and sticking sleep strips.
For people with sensitive skin, it is suggested to apply a little skincare product, because skincare product could help weaken the strength of adhesive.

Product Instruction

Step1: Wash and dry lips and surrounding skin before you use;
Step2: Take out Sleep Strips and tear off one Sleep Strip for use;
Step3: Close your month with lips in full contact with each other. Facing the mirror, apply the strip on your mouth and gently press to stick tightly.


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