CPAP Elbow Connector 2 Packs for Philips DreamWear Series

CPAP Elbow Connector 2 Packs for Philips DreamWear Series

2 Packs Replacement CPAP Elbow Connector Compatible with DreamWear CPAP Supplies,Tubing Quick-Release CPAP Elbow Connector & Prevent Air Leakage, Great-Value

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Product Information

This is CPAP Elbow Connector apply to Philips DreamWear/Wisp Nasal Cushion. The breathing tubing hose can be rotated 360. We have improved material without affecting its use effect.


  • Tubing Quick Release: The mask can be quickly disconnected from the tubing hose, which is convenient for working without removing the mask;
  • Elbow With Swivel: Quick-release cpap elbow connector that reduces tugging along the cushion;
  • Perfectly Adapted size: Diameter and size are fully compatible with DreamWear and Wisp;
  • No Noise: There is no noise disturbing sleep no matter when plugging into head frame or into the hose or during use at night;
  • Prevent Air Leakage: The perfectly fit size further avoids air leakage, and the connection is tight to prevent falling.


Package Dimensions2.64 x 2.2 x 1.38 inches;
Item Weight0.32 Ounces;
CompatibilityDreamWear series and DreamWisp Nasal Cushion;
ComponentsThe vent holes, Elbow, Elbow Connector;
Quantity2 CPAP Elbow Connector for DW/Wisp;

Important Tips

  1. Use mild liquid detergent to avoid damage to the product;
  2. Do not expose the elbow to direct sunlight, exposure or high temperature drying, which may accelerate the aging of the product;
  3. The vent holes and valve should be kept clear. Do not block or close the vent holes on the exhaust device.


What is Outside Diameter of hose connection?

22mm outerside diameter;

Will it fit my DreamWisp headgear?

I have a dreamstation 2. The dreamwisp headgear and these replacement parts should be interchangeable. They worked with mine. However, don’t take my word for it, you can contact your Sleep Physician and they could confirm that.

Is this compatible Dreamwear full mask?

Yes, it is compatible DreamWear full mask.

Product Instruction

  • Step1: Connect hose with elbow, and push elbow into the frame.
  • Step2: The elbow can rotate smoothly if it is installed correctly.


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