CPAP Frame and Tube Compatible with ResMed AirFit P10, CPAP Replacement Assembly Including 1PCS Frame and 1PCS Tube for AirFit P10

CPAP Frame and Tube Compatible with ResMed AirFit P10, CPAP Replacement Assembly Including 1PCS Frame and 1PCS Tube for AirFit P10

Replacement Full Set of Tube Frame Assembly for AirFit P10 Frame, Tube Frame Kit Compatible with Airfit P10, Resmed Airfit P10 Headgear Assembly Includes Fame, Short Tubing, CPAP Heagear

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Product Information

The material of the CPAP frame Tube Replacement for AirFit P10 is improved, reducing the elasticity of the short tubing, making it harder and stronger, not easy to pierce.

The replacement airfit P10 frame is designed with different structures but remains the same wearing angle as wearing the original one, allowing to enter the nasal cavity smoothly. What’s more, we have retained and improved the original mesh design, enabling it to vent out the air more gently and make less noise than other pillows.

Left and right logos are added to the side straps of the frame to help quick distinguish when wearing.

We have improved the product without afftecting its original function, please feel free to use it.


  • Upgraded Vent Holes : Vent out air from both sides – same as originals – more gently to greatly reduce noise and condensation.
  • Perfect Match: The CPAP frame and tube replacement kit snugly fits other parts to create a great seal and avoid hissing sounds. (Note: Only include tubing and base.)
  • 18.5 inch Sturdier Tube: The short tube is improved to be more sturdy and durable, not easy to get pierced. Note: Please connect tubing with a 22mm hose first before use.
  • Ensure Comfort : The replacement kit retains the same angle as using originals and gets secured properly. Besides, the short tube owns a 360-degree swivel to help pivot the hose.


Package Dimensions7.76 x 5.98 x 1.18 inches;
Item Weight2.08 ounces;
CompatibilityResMed AirFit P10;
Package IncludeSet A: 1*AirFit P10 Frame, 1*Side Strap, 1*Short Tubing, 1*Swivel Connector.(No Cushion)
Set B: 1*AirFit P10 Frame, 1* P10 Headgear, 1*Side Strap, 1*Short Tubing, 1*Swivel Connector.(No Cushion)
Service life3-6 months;

Important Tips

  1. Users who are unable to remove the mask by themselves must use the mask under supervision. The mask may not be suitable for those predisposed to aspiration.
  2. Please do not pull the short tube and the side straps of the frame to avoid damage.
  3. The vent holes can not be clogged.
  4. As time goes on, the vent holes may discolor slightly, but this does not affect function. Please rest assured to use.
  5. Please do not use ozone disinfection equipment to disinfect this product.


Will it fit a larger pillow?

Yes, it will. This replacement kit fits all pillow sizes for ResMed Airfit P10.

Does this fit Airsense10 Autoset?

Our replacement kit is compatible with Airsense10 Autoset. But the short tubing needs to be connected with a 22mm hose before connecting the machine.

Product Instruction

  • Step1: Pinch the clips of the nasal pillow and push them into the slot on the frame to fix the nasal pillow. Please pay attention to the difference between long and short clips.;
  • Step2: With the gray side of the headgear facing outward, lead the frame into the opening of the headgear and fix headgear around the nodes;
  • Step3: Pull the headgear over your head and split the bands to better fit your head;
  • Step4: Connect the short tube to the breathing hose. The short tube can not be directly connected to the CPAP machine.


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