CPAP Headgear Strap 2Packs for Standard CPAP Masks

CPAP Headgear Strap 2Packs for Standard CPAP Masks

2pcs Fabric Frame and CPAP Headgear Strap Compatible with Standard Mask Straps,Snugly Fit and Reduce Air Leaks, Frame and Clip Not Included, Great-Value Supplied

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Product Information

The fabric frame of this cpap headgear strap is made of lighter and softer material which greatly reduces headgear pressure on face during sleep to improver comfort. Fabric frame is made of cloth material which makes frame more stable and more comfortable for wearing on skin.
The CPAP headgear strap has hook and loop(Velcro) fasteners and is adjustable at each of four points of connection, so you can adjust it quickly and easily for your personal comfort.


  • Includes 2 packs cpap replacement headgears. Doesn’t include clips or frame.
  • Snugly fit & Keep in place: Hold your mask in place snugly and ensures a good seal to keep from sliding during night.
  • Maximize comfort of wearing: Made of soft, smooth and elastic fabric to ensure wearing comfort. Fits snugly to reduce air leaks.
  • Adjustable strap with stronger touch-fasten-ers: Equipped with stronger touch-fasten-ers which ensures a tight seal and comfortable fit.
  • Reduce pressure: Headgear is flexible and adjustable which makes headgear fit most users and reduces headgear pressure on face.


Package Dimensions11.65 x 7.95 x 0.43 inches;
Item Weight1.13 ounces;
CompatibilityPhilips Respironics Wisp Nasal CPAP Mask / Resmed AirFit N30i & AirFit P30i, not include frame and clips;
Package Include2* CPAP Headgears Strap
Style/DesignButterfly Design/ Elf Design

Important Tips

  1. To resolve any leaks at the upper part of the mask, adjust the upper headgear straps. For the lower part, adjust the lower headgear straps.
  2. Headgear and fabric frame are compatible with Wisp nasal mask;
  3. Replace every 6 months, or when getting deformed/loose, as over stretching or deforming would loose connection with mask;
  4. Prevent foam side from scratching by sharp thing or fingernails;
  5. Hand wash with warm water or mild soap, then rinse well and air dry;
  6. If you suffer from redness while using fabric frame, it is recommended to purchase our mini strap covers to maximize comfort.


What size?

I believe they are all one size. They are fully adjustable Mine works very well.

Is this a large?

I have a large head and they fit fine.

It looks good but where do you hook the airhose???

The air hose clips onto your wisp mask. This item is just the frame.

Product Instruction

Step1: Push mask cushion into fabric frame towards the front and press into place;
Step2: Pass headgear top strap through fabric frame top slot;
Step3: Pass headgear bottom strap through headgear clip slot and fix headgear strap via velcro;
Step4: Pull headgear on over head and place cushion over nose;
Step5: Stick headgear clip in the fabric frame bottom slot;
Step6: Adjust headgear straps evenly so that mask could rest comfortably against face.


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