Replacement Frame Kit for ResMed Airfit /AirTouch F20, Include 1PCS Frame & 1PCS Headgear for AirFit F20 & 1Pair Clips & 2PCS Strap Covers

Replacement Frame Kit for ResMed Airfit /AirTouch F20, Include 1PCS Frame & 1PCS Headgear for AirFit F20 & 1Pair Clips & 2PCS Strap Covers

Replacement Frame Kit for ResMed Airfit/AirTouch F20, Replacement for Resmed F20 Frame Kit Include 1PCS Frame & 1PCS Headgear for AirFit F20 & 1Pair Clips & 2PCS Strap Covers (No Cushion and Elbow)

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Product Information

This CPAP mask frame is compatible with ResMed AirTouch & ResMed AirFit F20 Cushion, as well as the elbow assembly and headgear.
We have improved the product WITHOUT affecting its original function.
We provide two sets for this product, The one has replacement for resmed airfit f20 frame only with one pair of magnetic clips. The other has a F20 frame and a headstrap as well as a pair of magnetic clips.


  • The CPAP mask frame is compatible with Airfit f20 and compatible with Airtouch f20. Aside from the 1 piece frame, 2 pieces of headgear clips and 2 pieces of strap covers, no other parts are included with this package;
  • The headgear clip could help the headgear to firmly fix the item on the face, so as to ensure your high-quality sleep all night.
  • Perfectly Adapted size: Diameter and size are fully compatible with DW;
  • Two pieces strap covers are made of super soft and breathable fleece material, providing a soft and comfortable to wear. It helps to eliminate redness, pressure marks and irritation on your face, you no longer have the marks when you wake up.
  • The disassembly and assembly are simple and easy to use, allowing you to easily find the correct connection point at night.


Package Dimensions7.95 x 7.68 x 2.01 inches;
Item Weight2.4 Ounces;
CompatibilityFor AirFit F20,AirTouch F20
Package IncludeSet A: 1*F20 Frame, 1 Pair F20 Magnetic Clips, Strap Covers;
Set B: 1*F20 Frame, 1*F20 Headgear, 1 Pair F20 Magnetic Clips, Strap Covers.
Service life6 months;

Important Tips

  1. Magnets are used in the frame. Ensure the frame is kept at least 6” away from any active medical implant to avoid possible effects from localized magnetic fields. The magnetic field strength is less than 400mT.
  2. Remove all packaging and inspect frame component for visible deterioration. Before using it for the first time, please clean it according to the cleaning section of the instruction.
  3. Ensure that the product is thoroughly clean and dry before storing it for any length of time. Store the product in a dry place out of direct sunlight.
  4. Please do not attempt to remove the headgear arms and magnetic base.
  5. Please do not bend or pull the headgear arms too much to avoid breaking it.
  6. Please do not disassemble the silicone connector and elbow. If you need to get up at night, please separate the breathing tube from the elbow and install it when you use it.


Is this frame also compatible with the resmed airfit F10 cushion?

No, the product is not compatible with F10. It is only for ResMed AirTouch, AirFit F20.

What size mask do I need?

This set does not include a Cushion. But this frame fits all sizes of cushions.

Product Instruction

  • Step 1: Attach the cushion to the frame by aligning the circular openings and pushing together until retained.
  • Step 2: Push the elbow into the frame. Insert frame into strap covers.
  • Step 3: Thread the headgear straps into the frame slots from the inside. Fold them over to secure.


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