Ozone Disinfecting Device

Ozone Disinfecting Device

First Ozone Sanitizing Equipment Actively Recover Residual Ozone Disinfecting Bacteria

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Product Information

The cpap ozone disinfecting device is intented to be used in the home. The ozone disinfection device can disinfect the accessories, masks and hoses of the positive airway pressure(PAP) equipment.

Individuals using PAP devices can use a sterilizer to destroy bacteria on PAP device accessories. On the other hand, for healthier considerations, the equipment is equipped with an ozone recovery function. In the final process of equipment operation, residual ozone will be recovered and decomposed. Prevent the residual ozone after disinfection from affecting your health.


  • Technology: Release ozone for effective disinfection;Automatically recover residual ozone after disinfection.
  • Two mode for you to choose: General mode(The whole process takes 60min); Deep mode(The whole process takes 120min);
  • M4 Sanitizing Equipment is the FIRST ozone sanitizing equipment that can actively recover residual ozone.


Package Dimensions9.4 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches
Item Weight1.923kg
Package IncludeDisinfecting Device, Interface Sealing Plug, AC Adapter, Connector, Zipper Bag, User Munual;

Important Tips

  1. When the cpap ozone disinfecting device is in operation, please keep a distance of 3M away from the device;
  2. Do not use the device if a fragrant essence is used in the PAP water reservoir of if highly fragrant detergents are used to disinfect the PAP;
  3. After disinfection, the disinfection product may have some smell at the beginning, do not worry too much, this is the smell of ozone decomposition reaction in the disinfection process;
  4. Keep away from water supplies;
  5. Do not place any living thing inside the disinfeecting chamber during use.
  6. For more tips and precautions, please check the manual carefully;


The lid does not closed.

– Please press the area above the lid button slightly according to the tips on the lid to close the lid.

There seems to be a gap in the lid.

– Please check whether the silicone ring on the inner edge of the lid still exists. If it still exists, the effort of this is minimal because the silicone ring is already closed when the cover is closed.

The device is not operating.

  1. Long press the right button to start the device; please select the operation mode and click the left button to start the operation mode (Please refer to the “Operation Control Panel” section of the manual for details);
  2. The equipment is in a static state, which is a narmal phenomenon, ozone is disinfecting the inside (At this time, you will observe that the screen progress percentage value is jumping.).

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