6/12 Packs Disposable Waterless Humidifier

6/12 Packs Disposable Waterless Humidifier

6/12 Packs Replacement for Humi DX to Improve Humidification of Airstream, Resealable & Convenient Storage, Great-Value Replacement Kit

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Product Information

Disposable waterless humidifier for AirMini CPAP machine designed for dry environments. Provide more comfort by improving the moisture level in the air you breathe and offering relief from possible dryness.


  • Compatibility: These waterless replacements are compatible with Air Air Mini & P10 only. Cannot use these replacement with F20 series.
  • Improve humidification: Great way to improve humidification of airstream without a bulky chamber while unsuring the dryness of the room while on trip.
  • Resealable packing: Individually package, more cleaner for use. Resealable packing design enable it to be stored more conveniently while not using.


Package Dimensions3.43 x 2.52 x 2.48 inches
Item Weight1.13 ounces
PackagingSet A: 6 Packs
Set B: 2packs
CompatibilityCompatible with Air Air Mini & P10 only;

Important Tips

  1. Check daily for any signs of damage or blockages caused by dirt or dust;
  2. It must be replaced within 30 days after opening;
  3. When the waterless humidifier is not being used, store it in a clean, dry location. We provide an independent sealed package, which can be put back into the package and sealed when not in use;
  4. The waterless humidifier cannot be washed as this will affect the performance of therapy.
  5. Waterless humidifier must be discarded and replaced, as it cannot be disinfected and cannot be used between other patients.


Would these fit a N30 setup for AirMini?

-Thank you for your question. This item is compatible with N30 for airmini, but not compatible with N30.

Do these have an odor?

-No smell. If there is any smell, you could contact us at any time, and we will help you solve the problem. Thank you.

Product Instruction

Step1: Open the connector by gently twisting it;
Step2: Hold the waterless humidifier at the sides, with the colored side pointing down and insert it;
Step3: Gently push together the connector and twist until it locks in place.


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