CPAP Outlet Filter – Universal CPAP Inline Filter Compatible with ResMed & Philips- 3 Pack Filters for 22MM Tubing Filter Machines

CPAP Outlet Filter – Universal CPAP Inline Filter Compatible with ResMed & Philips- 3 Pack Filters for 22MM Tubing Filter Machines

3/9PCS CPAP Filters to Improve Your Using Experience, Filters Out Moisture and Unwanted Particles, Effectively Filters Over 99.99% of Dirty Particles

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Product Information

Filter cleans the air leaving your machine. It is used in conjunction with the machine’s built-in inlet filters to provide very clean air. It purifies the air and helps prevent particles from entering your machine during sleep therapy.These filters will last on average 4 weeks, longer or shorter lifetime depending on environmental conditions. They should be replaced whenever the white filter material begins to look dirty. Effectively Filters Over 99.99% of Dirty Particles.


  • Compatibility: Compatible with the recalled machine, suitable for 22mm Standard tubing and heated tubing.
  • Clean Air: these CPAP outlet filters actively clean the air by filter the particles degraded by foam, to ensure fresh air throughout the night, giving you peace of mind all night.
  • Maintain Strong Airflow: Low resistance and high passability, which maintains most of the airflow and does not restrict airflow.
  • Easy To Install: Simply connect the filter to your machine between the air outlet and your tubing. Please check the third picture carefully for the method of connecting heated tubing.


Package Dimensions7.72 x 6.22 x 5.24 inches
Item Weight3.67 Ounces
Filtration Efficiency≽99.9%
Resistance<0.2KPa (at 30L/min)
Male Connector End DiameterOuter Diameter: 25mm; Inside Diameter: 22mm
Female Connector End DiameterFOuter Diameter: 22mm; Inside Diameter: 15mm;

Important Tips

  1. This CPAP outlet filter will not limit airflow. If you are more sensitive to airflow, or you find it harder to breathe than before, then please increase airflow settings for your CPAP device.
  2. Avoid heavy pressure, direct sunlight, getting wet by rain and snow, and do not refrigerate.
  3. Store at room temperature in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, non-corrosive, and clean environment.
  4. Disinfection, soaking, and cleaning are all prohibited, which may affect the filtration of the product with residual items.
  5. This product is for single patient use only. Reuse is prohibited to avoid cross-infection.


Should you change the pressure setting after installing the filter?

-I had no noticeable change in pressure from the Phillips CPAP machine. I paid for one at the hardware provider. These are the exact same and cheaper.

Can this filter be used with cpap with water?

-This filter is not washable. My machine uses water. One end goes on hose the other end goes onmachine. I have been replacing this filter every 2 weeks.

Will this fit the dream station machine?

No problem.

Product Instruction

The connecting methods for standard tubing and heated tubing are different. Please refer to the connecting instruction for the tubing you are using.

Connecting instruction for Standard Tubing:
Step1: Attach one-ring end of filter to the air outlet of your machine;
Step2: Attach two-ring end of filter to your standard tubing;

Connecting Instruction for Heated tubing
Note: The heated tubing has silicone end and humidifier connector end.

Instruction for Most masks:
Step1: Attach two-ring end of filter to the silicone end of heated tubing;
Step2: Attach one-ring end of filter to the mask connector or the small tubing connector of mask.


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