CPAP Filters for Philips Respironics DreamStation 1 CPAP Machine – Including 12 Ultrafines Filters and 12 Foam Filters(24 Total)

CPAP Filters for Philips Respironics DreamStation 1 CPAP Machine – Including 12 Ultrafines Filters and 12 Foam Filters(24 Total)

CPAP filter 24PCS for Philips Dreamstation Respironics cpap filter replacement, Includes 12 assembled pollen filters and 12 ultra-fine filters for cpap machine

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Product Information

The CPAP Filters for Philips Respironics Dreamstation 1 set consist of foam filters (dark blue filters) and ultra-fine filters (light blue filters). Our ultra-fine filters are tightly compressed to trap 99% of fine particles.
The CPAP Filters for Philips Respironics Dreamstation 1 have been pre-assembled and can be used directly, making them more convenient to use.
CPAP Filters are strictly tested by a digital anemometer to ensure their filtration and airflow ability.


  • Preassembled Filters for Easy Use – The foam filter and ultra-fine filter are well-assembled and combined together when delivering. Just remove the plastic bag and install them onto the machine.
  • Fresh Air for Deeper Sleep – The filter set helps trap 99.9% of particles, while remains the same airflow passing filters as originals, ensuring smooth and cleanest airflow when sleeping.
  • Protect Your Machine – The filters keep dust and dirt away from your machine, preventing high-temp working and cutting down your maintenance cost.
  • Cost-Effective Supplies – It includes 12 well-assembled foam filters and 12 ultra-fine filters to fulfill your long-term need. Please replace the filter every month or sooner for optimal performance.


Package Dimensions5.51 x 4.57 x 1.1 inches;
Item Weight2.89 Ounces;
CompatibilityPhilips Respironics DreamStation Series CPAP Machines;
MaterialFrame: Nylon;
Foam Filter: Polythylene Terephthalate;
Ultra-fine filter: Polythylene;
Quantity12 Assembled Pollen Filters and 12 Ultra-fine Filters.

Important Tips

  1. The product consists of dark blue filters and light blue filters. The dark blue filter and light blue filter may not be firmly fixed together, which is a narmal phenomenon, but it does not affect their use. Because two filters can be held together necely when installed into the machine.
  2. Slightly press every edge of the light blue filter onto the dark blue filter frame for holding together firmly.
  3. To ensure optimal operation, replacing your filter every month or sonner is recommended. Or replace it timely if it appears dirty.
  4. These filters are disposable and not meant to be cleaned, but rather replace and discard when dirty.
  5. Dirty inlet filters may cause high operating temperatures that may affect device performance. Regularly examine the inlet filters as needed for integrity and cleanliness.


How easy are these to assemble? I only used the original filters and have never tried this type. I don’t want to buy and have to fumble with them.

Very easy, once you realize that there is only one way they fit into the frame (not exactly rectangular) the fit is precise. Next you snap the framed filter onto the second (very much like the original) then slide right into the unit the same as you do now.

Product Instruction

  • Step1: Insert disposable foam filter into the dark blue reusable filter frame.
  • Step2: Insert disposable fine filter into the light blue reusable filter frame.
  • Step3: Place light blue fine filter underneath dark blue foam filter with the slotted side facing up.
  • Step4: Line up the filters and press dark blue foam filter down to connect the two together. Then slide the combined filters into the machine.

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