CPAP Tubing for AirFit/AirTouch N20 ResMed tubing, Replacement Short Tube Elbow Assembly Supplied for N20

CPAP Tubing for AirFit/AirTouch N20 ResMed tubing, Replacement Short Tube Elbow Assembly Supplied for N20

2PCS CPAP Hose Replacement Tubing Supplies ResMed Tubing for AirFit N20 Short Tubing Assembly, Replacement Short Tube for AirFit/AirTouchN20 with 2PCS Elbows

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Product Information

  1. The material of the Replacement cpap tubing for Airfit N20 ResMed tubing is improved to reduce the elasticity of the short tube, which makes it harder and stronger, not easy to be pierced.
  2. The structure of existing complex short tube has been improved, which enables you to to enjoy more premium product that works great.
  3. We have change the original stepped exhaust structure to make vent holes easier to clean, but still retain the same size and number of vent holes and same function of rapid release as original elbow. We still retain three rotatable parts of orginal product.


  • Avoid leakage: The replacement tubing assembly for AirFit N20 ResMed tubing are kept perfectly sealed during use, so you could get full air pressure easily. Effectively reduce the noise of the old item you need to replace, and there will be no more annoying hissing air sounds to reduce your sleep quality.
  • Quick Release Function: The elbow can be disassembled and installed more quickly when in use.
  • Perfect Size: Its length is 18 1/2 inches, which is longer than the original tube and it could be perfectly cliped in place during use.
  • Save Your Money: We are committed to providing more cost-effective product for our customer, you can save yourself some money so that you do not have to buy the overpriced of a name brand replacement hose.


Package Dimensions‎7.76 x 7.52 x 1.06 inches;
Item Weight3.21 ounces;
CompatibilityCompatible with ResMed AirFit N20, AirTouch N20,
Package Include2*Short Tubing, 2* Elbow & 2* Swivel
Service life3-6 months;
Outer diameter of short tube22mm;

Important Tips

  1. Rinse the inside and outside of the product with mild soap and warm, drinking- quality water;
  2. Gently brush the inside and outside of the short tube, especially the vent holes, with a soft bristle brush;
  3. Place the product on a flat surface, or on top of a towel for air drying. Avoid exposing to direct sunlight;
  4. If any visible deterioration of product is apparent(cracked, stretched or punctured), the product should be discarded and replaced.
  5. Short tube should be rinsed well with warm drinking quality water. (approximately 86’F/30C)


Is this frame also Will this work for the philips respironics amara view frame?with the resmed airfit F10 cushion?

No. The CPAP replacement tube is ONLY compatible with ResMed AirFit N20/AirTouch N20.

Product Instruction

  • Step1: Connect short tubing with a 22mm hose.
  • Step2: Push elbow directly into the frame;
  • Step3: It indicates that the elbow is installed properly if a click is heard.
  • Step4: It can rotate smoothly if it is installed correctly. If there is air leakage, it may be caused by not pushing elbow into the frame correctly. Please check whether the elbow is installed in place.

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