AirSmart 2 Packs Replacement Swivel Elbow for N30i, White Tube ,Great-Value Supplies for N30i Size S, 5.51X5.31X1.33 inch

AirSmart 2 Packs Replacement Swivel Elbow for N30i, White Tube ,Great-Value Supplies for N30i Size S, 5.51X5.31X1.33 inch

2 Packs Replacement ResMed Elbow Connector, Swivel CPAP Elbow Connector Compatible with Airfit N30i&P30i&F30i, Tube Quick-Release Elbow, Great-Value Supplies

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Product Description

➤Compatibility – For use with the Airfit N30i.
➤Color: White
➤Weight- The weight of this product is 4.53 ounces.
➤Dimensions – The dimensions of this product are 5.51X5.31X1.33 inch.
➤Part Number – XAU-C-JT-016

The Replacement for ResMed Elbow Connector is compatible with AirFit F30i, AirFit P30i and AirFit N30i.
The product should be connected with a 22mm ResMed hose tubing before connecting with the machine.


  • Quick-Release: Quick-release clips Can be quickly disconnected from the mask, which is convenient and quick to separate the tube from the mask;
  • Elbow With Swivel: Quick-release elbow that reduces tugging along the cushion;
  • No Noise No Leakage: The perfect size snuggly fits the mask to avoid leakage so to avoid noise, and the connection is tight to prevent falling;
  • Two Rotatable Parts: The elbow has been designed to increase two rotation positions, which relatively strengthens the flexibility, and effectively reduces the tube twisting and knotting;
  • Compatibility: Can be used with a 22mm diameter tube. the recommended use period is 3-6 months;


Package Dimensions‎5.35 x 5.35 x 1.5 inches;
Item Weight1.52 Ounces;
CompatibilityFor AirFit F30i, AirFit P30i, AirFit N30i;
ComponentsElbow ring, Side buttons, Vent, Swivel;
Packing Included2PCS ResMed Elbow Connector Replacement Elbows;
Service life3-6 months;

Important Tips

  1. If there is already an elbow ring on the frame, please remove the original one to avoid influence on installation;
  2. It is not necessary to remove the elbow ring every time, just remove the elbow, and reconnect the elbow to the elbow ring when using it.
  3. Rub the elbow in warm water with mild liquid detergent, and use a soft bristle brush if necessary.
  4. Rinse the elbow thoroughly under water.
  5. Place the elbow on the towel to air dry and avoid direct sunlight. Please make sure the elbow is completely dry before use.


Why does the product make noise?

  1. Vent is blocked. – Use a soft bristle brush to clean the vent;
  2. Vent is wet- Ensure the vent is dry before use to avoid excess condensation;
  3. Elbow ring is installed incorrectly- Please reinstall it according to the Assembly Section.

Product Instruction

  • Step1: Install the elbow ring on the elbow. A click will be heard and elbow will rotate smoothly if the elbow is installed properly. The elbow is well installed when you receive the package.
  • Step2: Pinch the frame and fit the elbow ring into the frame, please fit the groove of the elbow ring into frame and do not insert the whole ring into the frame.


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