CPAP Frame System for ResMed AirFit F30, Including 1PCS Frame, 1PCS Headgear and 1 Pair Magnetic Clips Assembly for AirFit F30 (Without Cushion and Elbow)

CPAP Frame System for ResMed AirFit F30, Including 1PCS Frame, 1PCS Headgear and 1 Pair Magnetic Clips Assembly for AirFit F30 (Without Cushion and Elbow)

Replacement Frame Kit for ResMed AirFit F30, Includes Replacement AirFit F30 Frame, Adjsutable AirFit F30 Headgear and Magnetic Clips, No F30 Cushion and Elbow.

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Product Information

It is normal if you feel that the CPAP F30 frame system for Airfit F30 is a little different from the original product after use, because we have modified the product structure, but it does not affect the product’s function.


  • Premium Durable Frame – Same as originals, one size perfectly fits all cushion sizes for AirFit F30. Made of high-quality material, it is durable, sturdy, and not easy to break.
  • Quick-Release Clips – The strong strength holds strap in place and also smooths the process of putting on and off the whole assembly, more convenient to use.
  • Adjustable Strap Strong Grip – Soft and breathable strap offers ultra comfort when used while owning 5 fasteners for flexible adjustment to fit any head type.
  • Stay in Place & Stop Leaks – Frame Replacement Kit for Airfit F30 snugly holds against face to avoid leaks and hissing noise around unit, promoting comfortable full night sleep.


Package Dimensions‎5.5 x 5.5 x 1.6 inches;
Item Weight7.2 ounces;
CompatibilityResMed AirFit F30
Package Include1*F30 Frame, 1*F30 Headgear, 1 Pair F2030 Magnetic Clips, Strap Covers. (No Cushion and Elbow)
Service life3-6 months;

Important Tips

  1. Please select a suitable mask size. The size of different mask models is not always the same.
  2. The CPAP F30 frame system is only compatible with AirFit F30.
  3. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight or high temperature, which may accelerate the aging of the product.
  4. Follow the cleaning instructions to clean the product with a mild liquid cleaner. Some cleaning products may damage the product;
  5. This product does not contain natural latex.
  6. The product contains small objects with magnets, please be careful to prevent children from accidentally swallowing them.


Feel the mask is too noisy?

Incorrect installation. Please check the product is properly assembled.
There’s grease on the mask, which make it less sealed. Please clean the mask after each use to remove the facial grease on it;

Feel the mask is uncomfortable?

  • Headgear straps are too tight. Please adjust the headgear’s fastening tabs so that 1-2 fingers can fit between the headgear and the head.
  • Mask could be the wrong size. Please select the appropriate mask according to the provided size chart.
  • Wearing the mask incorrectly. Please pay attention to wearing the mask correctly and make sure that the mask is not wrinkled.

Product Instruction

  • Step1: Pass the upper headgear straps through the headgear buckle, and fix them;
  • Step2: Fold the middle headgear strap and fix it in the frame slot;
  • Step3: Fix the magnetic clips to the lower headgear strap;
  • Step4: Align the round opening of the mask with that of the frame and push hard to secure the mask and frame together.
  • Step5: Put the mask against your face, lean against your nose from bottom to top, and pull the headgear over your head.
  • Step6: Fix the magnetic clips of lower headgear straps onto the magnetic bases of the frame.
  • Step7: Please adjust the upper headgear straps first, and then adjust the middle and lower headgear straps.
  • Step8: Connect hose with elbow, and push elbow into the frame by pressing side buttons. The elbow can rotate smoothly if it is installed correctly.


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