6PCS S/M Size Mask Liners Compatible with ResMed F20

6PCS S/M Size Mask Liners Compatible with ResMed F20

Full Face CPAP Mask Liners (M/L), 6 Pack of Reusable Cushion Covers Compatible with AirFit F20& AirTouch F20 for Reducing Red Mark

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Product Information

The CPAP mask liners for full face masks is designed with a flexible outer periphery.
Mask liners are made of softer fabric which is more comfortable on skin. These mask liners help prevent skin irritations and ugly pressure marks, help reduce pressure over face and nose bridge, and help prolong the quality of your mask.


  • Reduce facial irritation: Reduce the chronic issues with face burn and irri-tation after using your device all night, provide softer and more comfortable care for your facial skin.
  • Avoid leakage: Made of soft and comfortable materials, IBEET liners can get a seal according to the shape and maintain pressure to avoid air leakage.
  • Soft full face mask liner: Made of ultra-soft fleece fabric which is washable, breathable, more durable and better improve wearing comfort of your mask.
  • Wake up without red marks: Protect your skin from direct contact with the rubber of mask, help you prevent red marks or pressure redness on face. Wake up fresh.


Package Dimensions‎8.07 x 5.59 x 1.02 inches;
Item Weight0.63 Ounces;
Compatibility AirFit F20& AirTouch F20 Full face mask.
ColorDark Blue(S Size); Light Blue(L Size)
(LPackage Includes6PCS Mask Liners

Important Tips

  1. Before wearing the mask, please place the middle opening of the CPAP mask liners on the silicone edge of the mask, otherwise the mask liner will not fit with the mask;
  2. As everyone has a different facial structure, if you feel that the opening of the mask liner is a little too small for you, you can cut a length of about 0.5cm on the liner to enlarge the opening of the liner and make it better fit the nose bridge.
  3. After placing the mask liner on the mask, please adjust the mask liner to fit the silicone edge of the mask to avoid wrinkles, which are prone to air leakage.
  4. Please clean the Mask Liner before first use;
  5. To ensure comfort and hygiene, cleaning the mask liner every 2-3 days is recommended. Replacing every 1-2 months or when getting deformed/loose.


Are they reuseable?

I wash them out by hand with baby shampoo and then air dry them. It seems to work just fine.

Will it fit a Large Cusion?

We have three different size for you to choose, S/M/L, please choose the one according to your need.

How often should they be changed?

It is recommended to replace once a month.

Product Instruction

  • Step1: Match the triangular opening of the mask liner with the triangular opening of the mask;
  • Step2: Put the mask liner on the mask;
  • Step3: Adjust the mask liner so that the mask liner is flat on the silicone edge of the mask.


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