CPAP Tube Hose Cleaning Brush (3 Packs) – Hose & Mask Brush, Supplies for Standard 22mm Diameter Tubing,7 Feet Tube Brush

CPAP Tube Hose Cleaning Brush (3 Packs) – Hose & Mask Brush, Supplies for Standard 22mm Diameter Tubing,7 Feet Tube Brush

Tube Hose Cleaning Brush Kit for Standard 22mm Diameter Tubing, Stainless Steel 7 Feet and 7 Inch Handy Cleaning Brush (3 Pack)

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Product Information

The 7 Feet CPAP Tube Hose Cleaning Brush is designed for scrub and clean the insides of Standard 22MM Hoses. (Not for heated hose with a 90 degree fitting at one end.) The 7 Inches CPAP Tube Hose Cleaning Brush is handy for cleaning smaller staffs, such as difficult to reach areas on humidification tank or mask or small tube.


  • ECONOMICAL SET – Including 3 brushes. And all the performance of each brush is different.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE – The CPAP Tube Hose Cleaning Brush’s sturdy metal stem lets you gently and thoroughly clean the otherwise virtually unreachable interiors of tubes. The soft nylon bristles fit perfectly to clean without scratching or damaging tubing.
  • THROUGH CLEANING FOR HEALTHIER LIFE – Our CPAP Tube Hose Cleaning Brush are designed to keep your tube clean and provide you and your loved ones with the cleanest air to keep you healthier.
  • MAINTAIN EQUIPMENT’S LONGEVITY– Protecting this investment will lead to additional years of efficient use of your machine, which can save your money in the long term through preventative measures.


Package Dimensions19.1 x 8 x 2.4 cm;
Item Weight110 Grams;
CompatibilityWork with all Standard 22mm Diameter Tubing
MaterialHigh quality 18/8 stainless steel Strong nylon bristles
SizeCPAP Tube Brush(84inch); Handy brush(7 inch)

Important Tips

  1. Avoid agitating too hard when using the brush.
  2. Keep the brush clean and dry when not in use.
  3. It is recommend to clean your tubing with brush every morning, and replace your tube every 2 to 4 months.


Can I clean a straight (no 90 degres) 15 mm heated Cpap tube? What is the blue plastic hook end on the short brush for?

— With the blue handle, it is easier for you to grasp when you do cleaning. With the hook, it is for easy drying. This bonus handy brush is great for cleaning the CPAP mask, or getting into smaller openings without the need for a long brush.

Product Instruction

  1. Put the round handle of brush into the tube first, pull out the handle from the other end of the tube. Use a mild detergent and warm water for cleansing the tube.
  2. Keep the tube as straight as possible and gently work the brush in a back and forth motion, in short strokes, gradually working further inside the tube.
  3. Rinse the hose with cool water after cleaning.


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