Ultra Portable Battery Backup

Ultra Portable Battery Backup

Ultra Portable Battery Backup Compatible with Dream 1 & 2, Battery Backup Power Supply Compatible with Station 1& 2

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Product Information

This CPAP battery power bank is specially designed for CPAP machines for emergency power supply so that you can still use CPAP machine when it is out of power and have a good night’s sleep.


  • Ultra portable and lightweight– It can be taken to the airplane. Product Size: inch, only 0.5kg. Perfect for outages, camping or traveling.
  • Multi-function-It can also charge other products if the cable port is compatible, like mobile phones, 2 Type-C ports, 1 USB port and fast AC charging port.
  • Specially built to understand CPAP power fluctuations;
  • Sleek design and 20% smaller than comparable CPAP batteries, Easy-to-read LCD screen and volt selector.


Package Dimensions122*122*28mm (4.8*4.8*1.1inches)
Package Include1CPAP power bank; 1DC apater charger; 1*CPAP cable.
CompatibilityCompatible with Dreamstation. Dreamstation2;
Capacity88.8wh/24Ah @ 3.7V/24000mAh;
DC input12-24V/2A(max);

Important Tips

  1. Please turn off the humidifying and heating functions of your machine when using this CPAP battery, as power bank can supply power all night after turning off these functions.
  2. DC and Type-C1 ports share one circuit, USB and Type-C2 share one circuit, so these two ports can’t work at the same time.
  3. The power bank does not support UPS(Uninterruptile Power Supply) function. It can not be used to charge CPAP machine while being charged.
  4. To protect the battery life, please unplug the charging cable after fully charging the device.
  5. Please keep the product away from extreme heat or cold, as well as any flammable and wet place. Please prevent power bank from banging onto the hard surface.


Can I use this power bank to charge 4 devices at the same time?

– It is not recommended that the CPAP machine port and other ports work at the same time to avoid the current being too large and damaging the power bank.

What should we do if the power bank cannot be charged?

– Check whether the chariging adapter is connected correctly or whether 100V-240V AC charging is on. If the problem still exists, please contact the supplier for more professional advice.

What should we do if the power bank can’t charge other devices?

– Check that the power cord is inserted in the correct place, or confirm that the output of this power bank is compatible with the device’s charging voltage. Please refer to your device’s manual, product lable ir adapter for its charging voltage.

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