CPAP Hose Holder Hanger, CPAP Hose Hanger for Lift Hose, CPAP Tube Holder with 2Pcs Hose Holder Clips

CPAP Hose Holder Hanger, CPAP Hose Hanger for Lift Hose, CPAP Tube Holder with 2Pcs Hose Holder Clips

Replacement Hose Holder Hanger for Bed or Headboard, Tube Holder with Fixing Buckles and Extendable Pole& Bendable Arm

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Product Information

The CPAP Hose Holder Hanger compatible with hoses of any size. CPAP Hose Holder Hanger will guarantee your sleep safety when using the sleep machine, improve your sleep quality when using the sleep machine. Hose Holder Hanger Easy to install and use, grips on to surfaces with ease with our grip on clamp. And Hose Holder Hanger is flexible to fit any needs.


  • Flexible hose arm bent arbitrarily: The flexible arm can be deformed at will. The bending is very simple and can be bent to any desired shape without too much force.
  • Sturdy & Durable: This hold lift is more sturdy and more durable, easy to install. Can be installed on bed frames, headboards, bedside tables, etc.
  • Improve The comfort of Sleeping with The Hose: It easily adjusts the extension direction of the tube according to your needs, allowing the hose to move with you no matter how you roll over at night.
  • Free Your Hands: It easily keeps the hose right above you and rotates as you move. When turning over, you no longer have to move the hose with your hands.


Package Dimensions16.06 x 3.46 x 2.17 inches
Item Weight13.44 Ounces
MaterialABS, Alluminum alloy, PVC, Silica gel, EVA;
ColorsBlack; White
Total length89 cm/35.04 inches
Exendable lengthUp to 103 cm/40.55 inches

Important Tips

  1. When you need to adjust the arm upwards or downwards, please use your two hands to operate. Do not directly loosen vertical knob to prevent the arm from falling suddenly, which may damage personal belongings or hurt yourself.
  2. Please keep this product away from children under 14 to avoid swallowing small accessories accidently.
  3. Do not disassemble ot modify this product by yourself.
  4. Before use, make sure that the product is fixed and stable and avoid malfunction due to external forces.

Product Instruction

  • Unscrew the thread lock anticlockwise to loosen the clamp base;
  • Fix the clamp base on the desktop or the headboard and tighten the thread lock clockwise;
  • Hold the telescopic rod and unscrew the horizontal knob anticlockwise to loosen it, pull the telescopic rod with both hands, adjust it to the preferred height, rotate the arm to the preferred direction, and tighten the horizontal knob clockwise to fix it. (Can rotate 360.)
  • Unscrew the vertical knob anticlockwise to loosen it, adjust the arm to the preferred angle, and tighten the vertical knob clockwise to fix it(Can rotate 225.)
  • Adjust the shape of the flexible arm to the most suitable angle and position.(The flexible arm can be deformed at will)
  • We have two types of hose fasteners, from which you can choose according to your preference.


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